Isaac Kasonde: 22-Year-Old Kenyan Man Who Refused University Education Builds 10 Hectares Farm in Botswana

Isaac Kasonde has garnered attention for his thriving 10-hectare farm in Botswana, challenging conventional career paths by opting for agriculture over pursuing a university education.

Kasonde’s supportive and understanding parents encouraged him to follow his passion for farming. They endorsed his decision by requesting a comprehensive proposal and facilitating the acquisition of land.

A 22-year-old Kenyan individual has become the talk of the town due to his flourishing agricultural venture spanning 10 hectares in Botswana.

Choosing a different path, Kasonde decided against pursuing a university education after completing high school, in contrast to the typical trajectory for many students. Reflecting on this decision, he stated, “I finished school in 2018, and university was definitely not planned. I sat down with my parents, expressed my desire to join the family business, and they advised me to find a purpose. Opting for farming, I declared it as my new home.”

In Botswana, the cost of land ranges between KSh 11 million and KSh 14 million ($80,000 and $100,000), according to the industrious farmer.

Kasonde is currently engaged in cultivating crops such as spinach, sukumawiki, and pepper on his farm, alongside practicing animal husbandry with cows, pigs, and chickens.

Offering valuable insights, Kasonde emphasized the importance of aspiring farmers determining their focus—whether it’s animals, plants, or both—something they are willing to dedicate themselves to wholeheartedly. “I have 31 pigs and sell each one for $370,” he added.

Drawing from his experience in Kenya, where the family managed a substantial farm cultivating crops like maize, Kasonde stressed the significance of consistency in farming. He advised prospective farmers to be meticulous about factors such as seeds, fertilizer, and labor.

In Botswana, the government supports farmers by providing seeds and plowing their land with tractors.

Summing up his perspective, Kasonde concluded, “Farming involves a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. Determine what you are willing to sacrifice for every day.”