MC Jessy :“I used to wear Nameless’ old clothes”– From Grass to Grace: -

MC Jessy :“I used to wear Nameless’ old clothes”– From Grass to Grace:

Comedian and former South Imenti MP aspirant Jasper Muthomi, also known as MC Jessy, has shared the struggles he faced before achieving success in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Meru, Jessy revealed that he worked various odd jobs in Nairobi before making a name for himself.

In an interview, Jessy shared that when he first moved to Nairobi, he worked at a friend’s salon where singer Nameless was a regular customer. “I came to Nairobi and met a friend of mine who was a salonist. I used to wash people’s hair at the salon in a corner house and Nameless was his client. I used to wash his dreadlocks before they are made,” he said.

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Jessy also shared that he admired Nameless’ sense of fashion and even borrowed clothes from him. “I could not borrow his clothes since I was afraid of my boss. So I lied to him that I have people I help by giving them clothes. I told Nameless, ‘If you have clothes you don’t need you can assist me.’ He told me, ‘Just go to my closet and select some even for yourself,'” Jessy recalled.

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He also praised Nameless’ wife Wahu for her kindness and generosity, sharing that she often cooked good food for him. After becoming famous, Jessy said he reminded the Mathenge’s about him and they were shocked. “I came to tell them the story they were surprised that I was that guy. They remembered the salonist but they couldn’t tell it was me. But I had told Nameless that I would be great after touching his head. He almost cried. He respects everyone and never looked down on me despite not knowing he was talking to the Kenyan top comedian,” he said.

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Jessy was running for an MP seat in South Imenti, Meru County under the UDA party.