“Diana Marua na Nadia ni Mali Safi na Wanakaa Utamu”Rayvanny Praises Diana Bahati

Tanzanian Bongo sensation Rayvanny pleasantly surprised his fans by singling out Kenyan vocalists Diana Bahati and Nadia Mukami as his preferred female musicians in Kenya. In a recent interview, when quizzed about his favorite Kenyan songstress, Rayvanny confidently and unexpectedly named,

“Nadia Mukami and Bahati’s wife Diana.”

This acknowledgment carries particular weight for Diana Marua, especially considering her relatively recent entry into the Kenyan music scene, marked by her debut track “Hatutaachana,” released just two years ago. Unlike Nadia, an already established artist, Diana is still forging her own musical journey.

Nevertheless, Rayvanny’s choice is not entirely arbitrary, given his previous collaborations with Nadia on various projects, including the popular track “Falling in Love.” Similarly, he has joined forces with Diana’s husband, Bahati, on multiple chart-toppers such as “Kiss,” “Nikumbushe,” and “Mtamu.”

In a surprising revelation, Rayvanny disclosed a previous contemplation of acquiring Kenyan citizenship. This consideration arose following a dispute with the Tanzanian government concerning his song “Mwanza,” co-released with Diamond Platinumz. Rayvanny and Diamond even contemplated seeking Kenyan citizenship to sustain their musical endeavors.

The “Number One” hitmaker elaborated that they faced a ban on performing “Mwanza” in Tanzania after disapproval from the music regulatory board, BASATA. The ban became a stressful ordeal, prompting the artists to explore alternatives, including Kenyan citizenship. However, the ban was lifted before they could complete the citizenship process.

Their journey encountered obstacles, with pressure from BASATA leading to a public apology in December 2018 while performing in Kenya. Despite the challenges, they eventually resolved the matter with the Tanzanian government.

More recently, in June 2023, BASATA once again raised concerns about “Mwanza” during the Wasafi Festival tours, but the issue was reportedly resolved. The festival has since continued successfully, with Diamond’s attention-grabbing coffin entrance making headlines across the region.

Rayvanny’s open admiration for Kenyan female artists and his past contemplation of dual citizenship provide intriguing glimpses into the interconnected nature of the East African music scene and the hurdles artists sometimes navigate.