Akothee explains why she will never visit her Kenyan baby daddy

Renowned Kenyan singer Akothee has sparked a flurry of discussions among internet users after sharing a photograph with her Caucasian baby daddy, Markus Urs Meyer, who happens to be a French national.

The affluent songstress took to her social media platforms to celebrate her co-parenting abilities alongside Markus.

“In my future role as the President of Single Mothers, please refrain from questioning my co-parenting skills. We’ve come a long way,” Akothee expressed with a touch of humor. She further added, “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but we’ve managed to overcome the hurdles. Don’t blindly imitate me. Regards, Mrs. Omondi Schweizer.”

Presently, Akothee is relishing quality time at her baby daddy’s residence. Earlier today, she posted a video of herself dancing while cleaning her baby daddy’s house.

Underneath the video, she wrote, “Engaging in some house cleaning at my baby daddy’s place. The President of Single Mothers on the mix.”

One of her fans, identified as Zebedy Odhiambo, left a comment urging Akothee to also visit the father of her first-born daughter, Vesha.

“I hope you can extend the same energy by visiting Vesha’s father,” he suggested.

Akothee, visibly irked, responded sharply, “Why should I visit him? None of my children are under his care. Use your intellect; it’s not about baby daddy visits.”

In a separate post, Akothee divulged how her baby daddy became upset when she took longer than expected to meet him.

“I never realized that parental responsibility is an everlasting job. A mother’s heart never rests as long as she lives. I left the boys to visit my daughter’s new apartment and see where she lives. Throughout the journey, I couldn’t stop crying because the boys wanted to come with me.

“Now that I’ve left Ruoen with the boys, I can’t help but cry as I leave my daughter alone again,” Akothee lamented. She continued, “My continuous calls to my two daughters in Kenya, Vesha Shailan and Rue Baby, make me seem like a desperate woman who ran off to settle in Europe for better prospects, only to face hardships.”

She went on to recount an incident involving her scheduled train departure at 10:00 AM, where she had informed her baby daddy to pick her up at 1:00 PM. However, desiring more time with her daughter, Akothee and her daughter canceled the 10:00 AM train and opted for the 4:00 PM train instead. Regrettably, she forgot to inform her baby daddy of the changes.

To her surprise, her baby daddy was waiting at the train station and called her angrily, exclaiming, “You’re not on this train!” This mishap caused further confusion. Akothee swiftly adjusted her plans and caught the next bus to ensure she made it to dinner with her boys, as her baby daddy had to pick them up too.

Recently, the singer traveled to France to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her partner, whom she affectionately refers to as ‘Omosh.’

“Valentine’s escape. Omondi Denis ordered it for his wife. Omosh, you’re the best among the rest, baby. Your valentine is on its way,” she affectionately wrote.