“Sina Time Yako Mimi”,Andrew Kibe On Why He Doesn’t Speak To His Mother

Andrew Kibe, a prominent figure in Kenyan media known for his controversial opinions, has recently shed light on the root cause of his longstanding bitterness towards women and the recurring challenges in his relationships.

Taking to his YouTube channel to address his audience, Kibe responded to inquiries from women curious about the source of his emotional struggles. His reputation for harsh criticism of women and couples portraying idealized lives on social media precedes him.

Former radio presenter Kibe attributed his acrimonious attitude and tumultuous relationships to his upbringing, heavily influenced by his parents, particularly in his perception of women. He revealed that his mother played a significant role in shaping his outlook, describing her as malevolent and irrational, which fueled his resentment towards her. While he claimed to have forgiven her, certain actions of hers still linger in his memory. Kibe admitted that his penchant for tumultuous relationships often draws him to women who resemble his mother in certain aspects.

Regarding his father, Kibe expressed a perception of him as weak and unable to protect him from his mother’s erratic and malicious behavior. He labeled both his parents as “puny,” contributing to his unfiltered criticism of people without regard for their feelings.

Despite his frank assessment of his parents, Kibe asserted that he has reconciled with them. However, he remains firm in acknowledging their role in the failure of his relationships, especially his mother’s influence. He also recognized a psychological phenomenon where men tend to seek partners resembling their mothers, as the first woman they love is typically their mother, which has perpetuated his pattern of choosing dramatic and tempestuous women, resulting in frequent relationship breakdowns.