” I Can’t Pay Dowry ya Ksh.1 Billion For Ssaru, huyu ako Worth 10 Rolls Of Bhang”

Renowned Gengetone artist and rapper Sylvia Ssaru recently dominated headlines when she boldly asserted that her dowry is valued at Ksh.1 Billion. Justifying her statement, she confidently claimed that she merits such a substantial amount and is exclusively attracted to affluent men. However, celebrity critic Sabato Sabato expressed skepticism, suggesting that Ssaru might have been under the influence of substances during her proclamation.

In a widely circulated TikTok video, Sabato Sabato initially believed Ssaru was rational until he discovered her alleged use of marijuana, which, in his opinion, has significantly impaired her cognitive abilities. Sabato contended that any man willing to offer such an exorbitant sum for Ssaru’s dowry is foolish. Contrary to Ssaru’s valuation of herself, Sabato asserted that her actual worth is far from the astronomical figure she disclosed. According to him, Ssaru is a pampered individual, and her dowry should be assessed in terms of the quantity of marijuana rolls.

Sabato further asserted that Ssaru’s true value amounts to no more than 10 rolls of marijuana. He justified this by highlighting her affinity for smoking weed, consuming “Makali” (an inexpensive liquor), and associating with various Gengetone artists who share similar preferences. According to Sabato, a woman possessing such attributes is not deserving of a significant dowry. He emphasized that Ssaru’s comparison to marijuana is apt due to her regular consumption of weed, and he urged the public to recognize her admission of being under the influence whenever she makes extravagant statements. Sabato concluded by claiming that Ssaru’s habitual use of marijuana shapes her perspective, cautioning people not to take her statements seriously.