” She Is Much Younger Than My LastBorn” 92 Years Old Mubaba Praises His Wife

Age should not be a barrier to true love, a sentiment exemplified by the remarkable union of Ndung’u Karioki, a sprightly 92-year-old, and his vibrant 40-year-old wife, Winnie Karioki—a striking age difference of 52 years.

Their love story, as shared during an interview on Afrimax English, is a captivating tale of defying societal norms. Winnie candidly recounted the challenges she faced when deciding to marry an older man. Despite encountering criticism, she stood firm in her conviction, having made a thoughtful and wise choice.

The initial connection between Ndung’u and Winnie occurred through their mutual association with Ndung’u’s daughter in 2014 when Winnie was 30. Over time, a mutual attraction blossomed, leading them to officially become a couple. Their marriage in 2014 marked the beginning of a journey that has now spanned 11 years, during which they welcomed two children into their lives.

Ndung’u Karioki explained that his decision to marry Winnie stemmed from a desire to find a perfect companion following the death of his wife seven years prior. During his years of solitude, he faced opposition from some close relatives who harbored ill intentions, hoping for his demise to gain access to his wealth.

Being a wealthy elderly man, Ndung’u encountered resistance from even his own children and brothers, who saw Winnie as a threat to their inheritance. Despite the adversities, the couple weathered the storm with resilience, and their youngest child is now a year old. The challenges only strengthened their bond, and they remain optimistic about expanding their family.

At 92 years old, Ndung’u Karioki defies expectations, attributing his robust health and strength to the care and love bestowed upon him by Winnie. Their enduring love, which has endured for 11 years, feels like a timeless beginning rather than a conclusion.

The couple staunchly declares their commitment to each other until death do them part. Undeterred by external pressures, they revel in the joy that love brings to their lives, demonstrating that true love knows no age boundaries.