‘Alitumia pesa zote kujengea wazazi Nyumba’ – Carol Katrue denies claims Miracle Baby wasted his money with women

In a recent interview with Director Trevor’s Kenyan Online Media channel on YouTube, Carol Katrue, the partner of Miracle Baby, responded to allegations surrounding the utilization of the artist’s music earnings. This came after Kenyans raised questions prompted by remarks from dancehall artist KRG the Don, suggesting that Miracle Baby had mismanaged his finances during his peak in the music industry.

Addressing these concerns, Katrue clarified that all the proceeds from Miracle Baby’s music were directed towards constructing a five-bedroom mansionette for his parents in the Membley area of Ruiru, Kiambu county. She refuted claims of money being wasted on indulgences like women and alcohol, asserting that the artist prioritized his family’s welfare.

“Every penny Peter earned went into building a home for his parents in Membley—a five-bedroom mansionette. Why spread falsehoods about him squandering money on alcohol? He never flaunted such habits when he was around family. Instead of fabricating stories, people should appreciate his efforts,” she stated.

Additionally, Katrue clarified the circumstances surrounding financial assistance received from President William Ruto. She disclosed that although they received Ksh300,000 from KRG and Jaguar, instructions came to allocate Ksh10,000 for paying journalists for PR purposes.

“KRG the Don suggested allocating Ksh10,000 from the Ksh300,000 to journalists for PR. We received Ksh300,000 from our beloved president, despite rumors tarnishing his name. I personally reached out to him for help, and when I did, it was out of necessity, not due to anyone else’s initiative,” she explained.

She further revealed that the funds were utilized for household expenses rather than medical bills, as she was not employed and faced challenges in managing expenses alone.

Contrary to KRG’s insinuations about being selective with assistance, Katrue clarified that they insisted on the same surgeon for Miracle Baby’s medical needs to ensure continuity of care and prevent potential complications.

“At Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), I implored Jaguar not to change Peter’s surgeon, as continuity is crucial in his case. Despite initial reluctance, we complied with the suggestion to avoid being perceived as uncooperative,” she emphasized.

Katrue concluded by urging KRG to show empathy instead of making baseless accusations, especially when he hasn’t extended assistance to their family.