Revealed: Sir Charles Njonjo’s Expensive Suits Cost About Sh270,800

Revealed: Sir Charles Njonjo’s Expensive Suits Cost About Sh270,800

Kenya’s Independent Attorney General the late Charles Njonjo was a man known for his particular pinstriped suit decorated with a rosebud placed on the lapel.

Njonjo died on Sunday, January 2, aged 101.

It is that dress code that acclimated him to Kenyans and which additionally gave him an image of dandy.

As an admirer of everything British, the former cabinet minister was known for communicating in the queens language with wonderful diction.

In spite of being a household name in Kenya due to his unique style, it isn’t known to many the amount it cost the veteran attorney to dress up.

Njonjo obtained for his suit in London.

In an interview with Jeff Koinange in 2015, Njonjo revealed the specific spot where he buys his suits in the United Kingdom.

“All I can tell you and my advice is to go to Savile Row in London and you will get the same,” he told Jeff.

The said company sells a two-piece suit for £1,599 (roughly Sh240,000)while a tuxedo bundle retail at £1,799 (around Sh270,800)

Njonjo consistently wore a tuxedo.

The former attorney during the time of Kenya’s first president the late Jomo Kenyatta and the mid residency of the nation’s second president the late Daniel Moi breathed his last on Sunday and was cremated on the same day.