Musician Jose Chameleon and His Brother Hospitalised in the US

Joseph Mayanja, a renowned Ugandan musician widely known as Jose Chameleon, is presently hospitalized in the United States following a stomach surgery, as confirmed by his father during a conversation with Bukedde TV. Over a period of time, Mayanja’s health has been a concern, and he has been in and out of the hospital due to complications related to his gastrointestinal system.

Mayanja senior disclosed, “Chameleone has been experiencing health issues for the past few months. The situation deteriorated upon his relocation to America, and now he is gravely ill, confined to his sickbed. He is currently undergoing treatment for complications affecting his stomach.”

In addition to Jose Chameleon, his brother Humprey Mayanja is also unwell and undergoing treatment in a US hospital. Taking to social media on Tuesday night, Chameleone’s brother shared a concerning update about his health.

Soon after arriving in the US from Uganda, he encountered a medical emergency that demanded immediate attention. Upon reaching Boston, he suffered from intense pain and a swollen stomach. Consequently, he was promptly rushed to the emergency room, where a series of medical examinations were conducted.

Initially, a nasogastric tube was inserted into his stomach to alleviate the infection. However, the medical team eventually deemed it necessary to proceed with a comprehensive surgical procedure.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for the swift recovery of both brothers.