Girl Who Used to Sell Groundnuts After School to Feed Her Grandmother, Scores B Plain in KCSE

A wave of joy swept through Alego in Siaya County as a young girl, renowned for selling groundnuts to support her elderly grandmother, achieved a commendable B Plain in the recently published Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results.

Vienda, captured in heartwarming photos alongside her beloved grandmother before embarking on her high school journey (left), and later celebrating her KCSE success with Silas Odhiambo Apuoyo Biggy (right), attracted attention for her exceptional academic accomplishment.

The pivotal role played by Rangala Secondary School in Ugenya, Siaya County, significantly contributed to Vienda’s success. Kisumu philanthropist Silas Odhiambo Apuoyo Biggy revealed that when Vienda was admitted to the school, she had nothing to her name.

Facing the financial challenge posed by her grandmother’s inability to pay school fees, Vienda turned to selling groundnuts to support the elderly lady. Apuoyo shared, “As her grandmother was unable to cover her school fees, Vienda resorted to selling groundnuts to support the old lady,” with

Netizens flooded social media with congratulations and admiration for Vienda’s remarkable achievement:

Jaramogi Hazard expressed, “Congratulations to her. I remember the day we took her to Rangala.”

Prime Knight philosophized, “No religion is greater than truth, and no faith is greater than fact… I see God here.”

Harriet Maleche conveyed, “Congratulations to the young lady; she has done us proud.”

Mopao Hezron extended congratulations and gratitude, stating, “Congratulations to her, and thank you for your good work and big heart, Biggy Besha.”

BN Barakawilliam exclaimed, “Glory to the most high… congratulations.”

Paul Williums added his blessings, “Congratulations to her… may God continue seeing her through.”