92-year-old man falls in love with her daughter’s friend who’s 30 years old and weds her

Winnie Mwekali Ndung’u, a young woman, describes her union with 80-year-old Ndung’u Karioki as a testament to genuine love. The couple, who exchanged vows in 2014 when Ndung’u Karioki was 87 and Winnie was 30, recently shared the story of their unique love journey in an interview with Afrimax.

In her native language, Winnie recounted that her elderly spouse is the father of her friend. She reminisced about their first encounter, revealing that he visited his daughter’s home where she happened to be at the time. The initial connection between them sparked during that visit. In her own words:

“When I met this man (my husband), I was a friend of his daughter. I visited his daughter’s house, and later in the day, he came. When he walked in, he found me there. The moment I saw him, that’s when it all began. We found love that day.”

Ndung’u Karioki, a 92-year-old man, explained to Afrimax that he had lived alone for years following the passing of his first wife. He discovered his affection for Winnie when she was at his daughter’s residence.

“Since my first wife passed away, I lived alone until I met this girl. She came with my daughter, and they were friends. When I realized I loved her, I didn’t think she felt the same because she seemed too young for me. I thought it was impossible because I had approached others asking them to marry me, but they ignored me, considering me too old.”

Despite initial reservations, the couple’s marriage received the blessing of Winnie’s parents, and they went on to build a family with the birth of a boy and a girl.