Cosmas Korir: How I Won Ksh. 208 million SportPesa Jackpot

Cosmas Korir, the 36-year-old winner of the Sh208 million SportPesa jackpot in 2018, had to invest his newfound wealth wisely. He knew that winning such a large sum of money was not something that happened every day.

In an interview on Nation’s YouTube channel, Korir shared his shock and excitement when he received the call from SportPesa and its CEO, Ronald Karauri, confirming his win. He had promised his friends that they would share the prize money if they won, and he kept his word by giving each of them Sh5 million.

Korir’s first purchase was a Toyota Land Cruiser with a V8 engine. He then invested in real estate, buying a flat in Kitengela for Sh50 million and another in the same neighborhood for Sh65 million. Both properties are estimated to generate a monthly rental income of Sh820,000 and Sh570,000, respectively.

He also used Sh2 million to complete his rural house in Bomet, which he had put on hold due to financial difficulties, and paid off a Sh3.5 million loan. To make rational decisions, Korir set aside Sh130 million in a fixed deposit account.

Finally, Korir bought a house in Eldoret for his family, which includes his wife and three children. He emphasized the importance of investing wisely and seeking advice from trusted sources when managing large sums of money.