Sasa Ntajuaje Miaka Yao! Embarambamba Doesn’t Know How Old His Kids Are

Controversial musician Chris Embarambamba has recently made headlines by openly admitting that he is not familiar with the ages of his own children. In a candid interview on a local radio station, Embarambamba disclosed that, despite being the father of five, he lacks knowledge about the specific ages of each child….CONTINUE READING

During the interview, Embarambamba, known for his unconventional approach to music and life, justified his lack of awareness by asserting that his primary role was to conceive and leave the responsibility of remembering the ages to his wife.

In his own words, “I am married with five children and one wife. I engaged in it for amusement, and now I find myself with five children and a wife named Vane Embarambamba, who handles household chores, including washing the mud-stained clothes you may have seen.”

When asked about the ages of his children, Embarambamba candidly admitted, “I don’t even know the age of my first child. I am aware of his academic progress as he has entered the first form, but the specific years, I can’t recall. I was merely involved in procreation, not keeping track of the years. As for the youngest one, I am uncertain if it’s four years or maybe three; I can’t confirm.”

Embarambamba defended his stance by explaining that his commitment to spreading the gospel has consumed much of his time, leaving him with limited opportunities to bond with his children. He emphasized the demands of his work for Almighty God, highlighting the impracticality of extended stays at home. According to him, his dedication to preaching and earning a livelihood for both personal and charitable purposes has taken precedence over the traditional parental involvement, akin to that of a mother.

In his concluding statements, Embarambamba underscored the financial responsibilities associated with his vocation, emphasizing that there are no supermarkets in heaven, and angels do not bring weekly provisions. He elaborated on the necessity of actively participating in the gospel work to sustain himself and contribute to church donations, reinforcing the notion that his chosen path has limited his domestic involvement with his children.