”I Need Such Confidence…’Mixed Reactions As Pritty Vishy Calls For Plus Size Confidence

Pritty Vishy, a content creator and brand influencer, has faced a long history of body shaming comments from her fans. However, her recent statements about her body have sparked an escalated conversation on the matter.

Using her Instagram platform, Pritty Vishy shared a captivating photo of herself in a swimsuit, encouraging women with plus-size bodies to embrace their unique body types. Alongside the photo, she captioned a short clip, stating, “I sell confidence to my plus-size queens.”

Upon seeing her post, her followers expressed mixed reactions and didn’t hold back in conveying their feelings to Pritty Vishy. Some of her fans were elated by her confidence and the fact that she appreciates her body enough to flaunt it. They commented, “I wish I had that level of confidence. You’re truly inspiring,” and “You are such a beautiful girl.

To those who criticize, they should take a look at themselves first. If breasts were meant to be firm, they would have been made of bone. For those who speak negatively, do you expect us plus-size women to only swim in dresses or skirts? Your ignorance is overwhelming. Leave us alone and let Pritty Vishy enjoy herself.”

However, critics also joined the conversation, expressing their own opinions. One critic stated, “No wonder every man is shying away. Ladies, let’s gather here and stop entertaining such nonsense by saying everything is fine. Stop hiding behind the ‘plus-size’ label. I know the truth might be hard to accept, so go to the gym and try portion control to reduce that belly. Real plus-size women don’t have sagging bellies.”

Despite the trolls and negative comments about her body, Pritty Vishy continues to display an unwavering confidence in her appearance.