List of Top 5 Richest Kikuyu People 2023

Kikuyu community in central part of Kenya is regarded as the most populous tribe. Kikuyu people sits on fertile lands arable for agricultural activities. They are majorly known for producing high quality farm products; milk, tea, coffee, bananas e.t.c.

Besides farming, Kikuyu are also good traders. A number of them have thrived in business making the region produce some of the richest people in Kenya.

In this article muranganewspaper will look at top 6 richest kikuyu people.

Top 5 Richest Kikuyu People

Kenyatta Family

The family of first president of Kenya Mzee Jomo Kenyatta is one of the wealthiest families in Kenya. Their net worth is approximated to be over 120 billion shillings.

The family has invested in almost all sector including banking, farming and media. Here are some of the list of companies the family owns;

  • NCBA Group PLC – banking company formed following merger of NIC Group and Commercial Bank Of Kenya ( CBK)
  • Media Max Group-Media company comprising of various TV stations and Ranio stations like K24 TV, Kameme TV and Radio, Milele Radio, Mayian Radio, Emoo FM, Msenagu FM, People Daily and K24 Digital.
  • Brookside Dairies
  • Heritage group of hotels

The family also owns over 500,000 acres of land.

SK Macharia

SK Macharia is a man of means. He is one of the most affluent businessmen in Kenya.

Macharia has invested heavily in Media industry. He for instance owns several Tv stations and radio stations under the umbrella of Royal Media Service (RMS).

They include; Citizen TV, Inooro TV, Ramogi FM, Inooro FM, Musyi FM, Chamgei FM, Muuga FM, Egesa FM, Bahari FM, Mulembe FM, Wimwaro FM, Sulwe FM, and Vuuka FM.

Citizen TV has earned its name as the most popular TV in Kenya hence the most income generating TV.

Macharia is worth over Ksh. 15 billions.

Mwai Kibaki family

Mwai Kibaki was the third president of Kenya. He got into politics until he got to Kenya’s topmost seat.

Kibaki also served in various ministries. He is worth over 6 billion Kenya shillings.

Charles Njonjo Family

Charles Njonjo popularly known as ‘Duke of Kabeteshire’ rose through heights to top of Kenya’s competitive political and entrepreneurship world.

His family is undoubtedly on of the wealthiest in Kenya. He is estimated to be over over Ksh. 7 billions.

Here are some of the properties he owns;

  • Estate in Runda.
  • CFC Holdings.
  • Sankara hotel.

Chris Kirubi Family

The late business mogul Chris Kirubi’s family is estimated to be worth over Ksh 30 billion.

Here is the list companies and businesses he owns;

  • Haco Tiger Brands East Africa
  • Capital FM
  • Centum Investments
  • UAP Insurance

The family also owns the following iconic buildings;

  • International House
  • Shanzu Gardens-Kyuna
  • Avocado Villas-Off Brookside Grove
  • Riverside Court- on Riverside Drive