Andrew Kinoti: Farmer Making Up To Ksh 2.2 Million Per Acre From Dragon Fruits

Recent advancements in technology have led to significant changes in the way agriculture is performed. While in the past, farming was done organically with the use of naturally made fertilizers and pesticides, modern farming now relies on genetically modified inputs.

Organic farming focuses on producing nutritious farm products without any worries for consumers regarding potential harmful effects. It utilizes animal and crop waste to create biological agriculture, compost, fertilizers, and green manure.

Organic farming prohibits the use of genetically engineered fertilizers, organisms, antibiotics, or growth hormones to maintain the health of the soil and crops.

Andrew Kinoti is a fortune millionaire who has achieved success through organic farming of dragon fruit. In an interview with, he highlighted the potential of dragon fruit as a new crop for Kenyan farmers. The fruit thrives in hot climates and requires minimal water, making it an ideal crop for the country.

Kinoti emphasized that dragon fruit is appreciated worldwide for its health benefits and high nutritional value. It can also be used to produce various commercial products such as jams, juices, flavorings, wine syrups, and medications. The flowers and roots of the dragon fruit can also be used to make fragrant and refreshing tea.

According to Economics in Dragon Fruit Farming, the fruit can sell for up to Sh. 950 per piece and is retailed for between Sh. 1,000 and Sh. 2,500 per kilogram. The farm gate price ranges from Sh. 500 to Sh. 800 per kilogram. A plot of one acre can generate an annual income of Sh. 2.25 million.

Dragon fruit farming is a highly profitable new cash crop, and Kinoti encourages businesspeople and farmers to start it. He advises them to acquire enough resources and information to understand the potential challenges, and to consider how to generate their own manure, utilize natural pest management, and create livestock feed.

While some feed may require the assistance of experts in the industry, it is advisable to try and make as much of it as possible. Overall, dragon fruit farming presents a promising opportunity for those looking to pursue organic agriculture.