Jerusalem City: Inside Pastor Nganga New Mega City In Kajiado- PHOTOS

Pastor James Ng’ang’a is steadfast in his pursuit of constructing his grand vision, the expansive mega-church named ‘Jerusalem City’ in Kajiado.

The founding preacher of Neno Evangelism Centre reveals that Jerusalem City will span across a sprawling 50-acre parcel of land in Nkatatei, a property he acquired three years ago. The inspiration behind the name ‘Jerusalem’ stemmed from his transformative visit to Israel back in 2007. During this pilgrimage, the outspoken clergyman procured a small stone. In a solemn prayer, he pledged to God that if blessed, he would erect a sanctuary and christen it Jerusalem City.

This ambitious endeavor aims to provide a comprehensive sanctuary for Pastor Ng’ang’a’s congregation. “I purchased this land three years ago and already, significant strides have been made in erecting a sizable church structure. Moreover, I’ve initiated educational support for 70 children spanning grades 1-4, providing them with essentials such as food, uniforms, and shoes,” Ng’ang’a shares.

The development plan for Jerusalem City encompasses essential social amenities tailored for the church community. Envisioned facilities include a shopping complex, a hospitality establishment, banking services, and potentially an educational institution.

“We are currently in the process of establishing a substantial hotel on-site, catering to the needs of attendees who partake in prayer services and nocturnal devotions. Additionally, as our congregation continues to grow, these amenities will serve the broader community, necessitating our preparedness for future demands,” Pastor Ng’ang’a emphasizes.

Beyond the confines of the church compound, the 68-year-old apostle has extended his benevolent efforts to the surrounding area. He has improved accessibility by surfacing the 1.5-kilometer road leading to the church and installed three boreholes for the benefit of local residents. Furthermore, Ng’ang’a actively engages in agricultural activities, cultivating maize and beans, some of which are distributed freely to the community.

“I extend relief aid to approximately 200 worshippers each Sunday following our church service. It is my fervent plea for more collaborators to join hands in materializing the vision of building this new city,” Ng’ang’a implores.

The demand for spiritual sanctuary at Jerusalem City is palpable, with an average of 250 worshippers reserving the space for prayers every week from Wednesday to Sunday. This thriving congregation underscores the significance of Ng’ang’a’s vision and the impact it promises to deliver.