Bena wa Malines : From a Matatu Conductor to Gaining Fame and Landing into Lucrative Deals.

Similar to Moyadavid, another notable content creator who has risen to fame through TikTok is Bena wa Malines. His humorous comic videos have gained widespread popularity, establishing him as a prominent figure in Kenya’s digital landscape. Currently boasting over 400,000 TikTok followers, his influence extends to other platforms as well, indicating continuous growth.

Background of Bena Wa Malines:
Born Bernard Kamulu, Bena is the third child in a family of seven. Hailing from a modest background, he attended Muhoho High School in Gatundu before pursuing a journalism degree at Mount Kenya University, where he currently is a fourth-year student.

Journey to Fame:
Bena’s path to fame was far from easy, marked by moments of discouragement and setbacks. Despite facing challenges, his innate humor, a trait he had possessed since childhood, motivated him to channel it into a more productive outlet.

Working as a Matatu Conductor:
As a student at Mount Kenya University, Bena, like many comrades, had to find means of financial support. To cover his expenses, he took up a job as a Matatu Conductor. Holding a certified conductor position, he used the earnings to sustain himself and occasionally contribute to his education, even with the support of sponsors.

Gaining Fame:
The turning point came when one of Bena’s videos went viral. Utilizing his friend’s phone due to a lack of his own, the humorous content resonated with viewers, leading to people imitating his distinctive voice. The catchphrase “Pulahia Maisha” followed, marking his breakthrough moment.

Bena wa Malines emerged as his brand name, prompting him to leave his conductor job and concentrate on content creation. Successfully paying his bills through this endeavor, he began attracting brand collaborations, with companies approaching him for advertising opportunities. Additionally, Bena generates income through TikTok live sessions and gifts from fans. While he is yet to secure a major deal, the growing numbers suggest that he is on the brink of achieving even greater success. Best of luck to Bena in his endeavors.