“Utapigwa na dry-spell ushangae”-Tiktoker advices Kenyan women who love intimacy not to travel to Saudi Arabia.

A Kenyan woman working in Saudi Arabia, has cautioned ‘thirsty’ women against travelling to the Middle East.

In a viral TikTok video, the lady identified as Susanelian warned Kenyan ladies who can’t stay for months without getting intimate to by all means avoid Saudi Arabia.

“Wanawake mko Kenya, kama unajua huwezi kaa miaka mbili bila mwanaume usikuje Saudi. Kama wewe ni wale wanawake hutetemeshwa na macho na nyege, usikuje Saudi.”

Kama akili yako inakudanganya utaoleka na a white man, usikuje Saudi, kama Kenya umezoea vita ati ukitusiwa unapigana, usikuje Saudi na huwezi penda mtoto wa mtu mwengine, usikuje Saudi”

(To the women in Kenya if you can’t go for two years without sex please don’t come to Saudi. If you get aroused quickly, you always dream of dating white men, don’t come to Saudi. If you’re short tempered, can’t be a good nanny, don’t come to Saudi).”

She also called out married men for cheating on their wives.

“Before you settle down, ask yourself what you really want and stop wasting people’s time,” she said.