“Kunyuwa keg mzee na utulie”-Manzi Wa Kibera to Give Her Struggling Ex-Lover 3K Despite Splashing Millions on Her

Kenyan socialite and video vixen Manzi Wa Kibera has expressed her willingness to provide assistance to her 67-year-old ex-boyfriend, Nzioki, who recently made a public plea for financial support.

Nzioki asserted that his financial situation had suffered due to his relationship with Manzi Wa Kibera, prompting him to reach out to the public for help.

In an exclusive interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Manzi Wa Kibera disclosed that she was unaware of Nzioki’s financial struggles. She expressed empathy for him, stating, “Honestly, I had no idea that the elderly man was selling his possessions to take care of me, and I feel sorry for him.” She pledged her support through prayers and mentioned the possibility of making a financial contribution of at least Ksh5,000.

While offering her assistance, Manzi Wa Kibera also revealed her surprise at Nzioki’s interactions with other women in his direct messages (DMs). She shared her sentiments, saying, “I sympathize with the old man, and during this challenging time, I stand by him. However, I’m taken aback by those DMs he used to respond to; I thought he would find another lovely lady.”

Despite the challenges in their past relationship, Manzi Wa Kibera maintained a compassionate tone, acknowledging the difficulties faced by Nzioki. Nevertheless, she also highlighted her satisfaction in her current relationship with 75-year-old Daniel Njau.

Nzioki initially sought financial assistance on January 11, 2024, claiming that he had depleted his savings and lost his belongings in an attempt to impress and care for Manzi Wa Kibera. The unfolding drama sheds light on the intricacies of relationships, financial dynamics, and the unexpected twists that life can bring, captivating many with the unfolding story of Manzi Wa Kibera and Nzioki.