Reason Ringtone was kicked out of Size 8’s album launch

Throughout the course of recent months, Alex Apoko alias Ringtone has professedly turned into the voice of the’people’.

As oneself declared ‘president of Gospel,’ he is not generally scared of blending things a little and crossing paths with fellow artistes as well as the law.

He has been forthright with terrible fights and conflicts that have left him nursing wounds over and over. The situation at hand occurred over the weekend after they faced off with DJ Mo.

A video circulating online shows angry DJ MO chasing Ringtone from Panari Hotel where his wife, Size 8 Reborn was doing an album launch. Ringtone had made some comments which did not augur well with DJ Mo, who in a span of seconds was ready to get down and dirty

Drama began when Ringtone strolled to the platform during a dedication by “clergymen”. Size 8 said she didn’t perceive Ringtone as one of them.

“I went to the stage and Size 8 chased me away. We also have an anointing to dedicate her album. I want to tell Size 8; I have an anointing that has sustained me this long,” an irate Ringtone told reporters.

This was after DJ Mo brutally showed him out of the social occasion for supposedly disrespecting his wife.

Size 8 Reborn successfully launched her debut album titled Gospel Anthem, where she has featured the likes of Gospel singer David Wonder, Peter Blessings, Pitson and Pombe hitmaker Lyanii among others.

This album additionally presented DJ MO as a rapper in their first melody that dropped on Monday, named Songa. The Murayas did something extraordinary for themselves in this task, where netizens were left addressing whether one ought to continuously bounce into the music scene assuming one of the companion is an artist.