”From a Street Beggar to A Millionaire, I Pay My Mum On Weekly Basis” Vincent Mboya.

Renowned Kenyan YouTuber Vincent Mboya, widely known for his polarizing content, recently made headlines by announcing his millionaire status, having accumulated over Ksh.1 Million in his bank account.

In an exclusive interview with 2mbili TV, Mboya expressed gratitude for achieving this financial milestone at the tender age of his early twenties, attributing his success to his journey in content creation.

Mboya’s YouTube channel boasts a substantial following of over 150,000 subscribers. However, his path to prosperity was marked by challenges, starting from a humble beginning where he faced financial difficulties and even resorted to seeking assistance to pay his rent in early 2022. Notably, radio personality Jalang’o came to his aid, covering his rent during a difficult period.

Nevertheless, Mboya faced criticism for seemingly exploiting Jalang’o’s name for attention, leading to a wave of disapproval from many, including celebrities. Krg and Butita, in particular, subjected him to harsh insults during a live broadcast, questioning his future prospects and pushing him into a state of depression.

Undeterred, Mboya regrouped and strategically leveraged the modest fame he had acquired to launch his YouTube channel. The Kenyan community rallied behind him, resulting in a surge of subscribers and support.

Within just one year on YouTube, Vincent Mboya achieved millionaire status, primarily driven by the substantial traffic his videos generated, translating into significant monthly earnings from the platform.

The YouTuber shared that his newfound wealth has not only transformed his life but has also had a positive impact on his mother’s lifestyle. He now provides her with a generous weekly allowance, enabling her to enjoy a more luxurious and comfortable way of life.