Fight ensues in Nairobi after man realizes a lady he had paid for the service in a lodging was a fellow man

In the heart of Nairobi, a startling spectacle unfolded as a man found himself entangled in an unexpected revelation at a local lodging. The incident, immortalized in a viral video, showcased a tumultuous exchange between two individuals, garnering the gaze of bystanders.

As recounted, the man had initially sought services from someone he perceived to be a woman, agreeing to a transaction at the lodging. Yet, his reality swiftly fractured when he unearthed the startling truth: the individual he engaged with was, in fact, male.

The person in question had meticulously crafted a facade, donning attire typically associated with femininity – a bra and snug trousers – effectively concealing their true identity. This elaborate guise left the paying patron bewildered and incensed upon realization.

The captured footage depicted a clash of emotions between the two parties, escalating into verbal sparring and physical altercation. Onlookers observed from a distance, their expressions betraying a mix of shock and intrigue as the scene unfolded before them.