Andrew Kibe Shares a List of Celebrities Who Have Blocked Him on Instagram

Andrew Kibe, a Kenyan media personality based in the US, recently shared a list of celebrities and media houses that have blocked him on Instagram. Among those on the list was his former co-host at Kiss FM, Kamene Goro, who Kibe had previously called out for not pushing the agenda for Kenyans being undermined. In a previous interview, Goro said that she blocked Kibe after he became too toxic and did not respect her boundaries.

Content creator Presenter Ali was also mentioned by Kibe as one of the people who have blocked him. Kibe had claimed that YouTubers like Presenter Ali were focusing too much on the women in their lives instead of work.

Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby were also on Kibe’s list, with Kibe stating that his problem with them was their behavior. Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Director Trevor were also among those who blocked Kibe on Instagram, with Kibe often criticizing their relationship. In one of his latest videos, Kibe claimed that Mungai Eve had changed a lot, especially in the pictures she has been posting on her Instagram, and that her boyfriend Trevor should prepare for heartbreak.

Kibe mentioned NRG radio and Digital media house, Pulse Live Kenya, as among those who have blocked him. He claimed that those who blocked him had no knowledge of entertainment and showbiz and were taking things too personally. However, Kibe noted that despite his recent back and forth with Diana Marua, she had not blocked him.