‘Adhiambo’ Video Vixen Brenda Otieno Takes Legal Action Against singer Bahati

Brenda Otieno, one of the video vixens who appeared in the music video for ‘Adhiambo’ by Bahati and Prince Indah, has taken legal action against the musician.

Brenda Otieno recently made it known that she intended to sue Bahati for his failure to compensate her, despite her participation in the ‘Adhiambo’ video a year ago.

Brenda asserted that Bahati had been paying the video vixens a sum of Ksh 10,000, which she found inadequate given her contribution to the project.

In support of her claims, Brenda Otieno shared a demand letter issued by her legal representative, which was addressed to Bahati. The letter requests that Bahati pay Brenda 20% of the total income generated from the video as fair compensation.

Alternatively, Brenda insists that any footage featuring her in the video should be removed, effectively disassociating her from the song entirely.

The demand letter highlights the fact that the music video for ‘Adhiambo’ has continued to amass views on YouTube, while Brenda, as one of the vixens, has remained uncompensated. Failure on Bahati’s part to comply with the demands within a period of seven days will result in Brenda’s lawyers initiating legal proceedings in a court of law.