How I busted my supermarket manager and workers stealing merchandise from my supermarket

My name is David and I am a businessman. I owned various businesses and one of them was a supermarket which had existed for more than five years. My supermarket always recorded great profits and was the best in Naivasha town. However, from late last year, I started noticing a decline in profits. The most devastating thing was that the shelves were always empty but I was not getting any money in return. 156 Kenya Businessman Stock Video Footage - 4K and HD Video Clips |  Shutterstock

A manager whom I had employed in that supermarket always said that sales were low but could not explain why some items were missing from the shelves. I later came to realize that the manager together with some workers were stealing goods and money from the supermarket. I was so heartbroken on that realization. I was paying my workers so handsomely so I could not understand why they were being unfaithful.

I tried warning them but they all denied and said that I had accused them falsely. I needed evidence but I could not get it. I shared with my wife the predicament and she told me not to worry but to visit a traditional doctor so that I teach my employees a lesson for stealing from me. She said the doctor, whose name was Doctor Mugwenu could use his spell casting powers to help me teach them a good lesson.

I thus contacted the doctor on 0740637248 and asked for help. He heard my situation and asked me to meet him the day that followed. I went and he cast the catch a thief spell which would help me catch the workers on the spot for stealing. I was so excited because he told me the spell would take less than 24 hours.

Truly enough, the next day, at around 12pm, I received a call that some of my workers had gotten stuck to the goods they were stealing and could not move. I ran to the supermarket and I was so happy to finally get them in the act. They were glued to the ground that they could not move and were wailing like mad people.

I called the police to come arrest them after Doctor Mugwenu reversed the spell. Since that day, all my workers got scared of ever stealing any merchandise from my businesses.

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