Madem Waluhya Na Wajaluo Wako Na Sura Mbaya Kabisaa” Andrew Kibe Says

In a recent live podcast on YouTube, Andrew Kibe, a controversial content creator from the USA, addressed the controversy surrounding his remarks about the Luhya tribe. Despite calls for a public apology, Kibe unapologetically stood by his earlier comments, asserting that he saw no reason to apologize for expressing his opinions on the physical attractiveness of Luhya women.

Throughout the podcast, Kibe maintained his position that, in his opinion, Luhya women do not rank among the top ten tribes with the most attractive women in Kenya. He straightforwardly mentioned that, in his view, Luhya women lack the facial beauty found in women from other tribes. Despite this criticism, he acknowledged the Luhya women’s reputation for cleanliness and emphasized their proficiency in taking care of their spouses.

Expanding on his controversial statements, Kibe extended his criticism to Luo women, claiming that they, too, are unattractive and rude. According to him, only Luo men can handle the perceived disrespect exhibited by Luo women, characterizing the entire tribe as having unappealing and ill-mannered women.

Contrastingly, Kibe expressed admiration for women from the Taita, Maasai, Kikuyu, and Kisii tribes, branding them as the ones with the most attractive women in Kenya. He asserted that this perception is widely shared among Kenyans, suggesting there is no need for him to convince anyone of this fact. In conclusion, Kibe advised the Luo and Luhya tribes to accept the notion that, in his opinion, their women may not be as attractive as those from other tribes.