You’ll continue to walk – Young man mocks old teacher who told him he’ll never make it

A young man who is suspected to be a sakawa boy has gone viral on social media for making fun of his former teacher who was trekking under the hot sun.

As seen in the video, the elderly former was trekking in an isolated area when his former student who was driving spotted him and decided to stop and speak with him.

As claimed by the young man who was sitting inside his car in the video, the teacher had told him years back that he would never make it in life and he additionally used to lash him just for fun.

The teacher in reaction said that he indeed recognized him but the caning was just a way of correcting him for his wrongs.

The man who was in a car with his friends decided to mock him for still trekking after he had declared him, as a failure.

Uncle you go trek oh, you been dey flog me for wetin I no do,” the ex-student remarked.

Below are some of the comments gathered under the trending video…

@LionTchaian – If a teacher told you would never make it. It’s because you perform poorly in your academic and he’s trying to ginger you to work harder. You should be thankful to such teachers

@Gracdaniel473 – Na pure money him make?

@Kawaraweddingblog – Ontop fraud money?As una no respect ur parents for house,e no shock anybody

@Synergy – Rubbish….he his indirectly motivating u…I gat one wey talk say we no go enter higher institution,as I finish sef I go greet am and she prayed for me

Oshaobi – I can relate my lecturer said same to me in front of a whole class I be wan cry dat day but I endure but I no fit talk to him like dis ever

@Heryo – You have a long way to go bro
You teacher was only performing his duties at that moment
That you’re lucky to own a car this moment doesn’t mean you’ve gotten to the pinnacle
You don’t know what tomorrow has of hold for you
Quit making mockery of your teacher ..