Mc Zendiambo Issues final Warning To Gwethe Tv, “Tuheshimiane Stop Printing My Street Phrases making money from them”

Reggae artist Zendiambo is issuing a stern warning to Gwethe TV regarding the unauthorized printing of his street slogans on merchandise. In a recent interview with Milele FM, Zendiambo expressed his frustration, emphasizing the dedication and time invested in his artistic endeavors. He lamented the lack of recognition for his work and highlighted the unethical practice of others profiting from his creations.

While Zendiambo acknowledged that some may use his work for entertainment purposes without issue, he drew the line at entities like Gwethe TV, who exploit his slogans for financial gain without permission. Asserting his rights, Zendiambo announced his intent to patent his slogans, signaling a final ultimatum to Gwethe TV and similar offenders.

His message, “Tuheshimiane Stop Printing My Street Phrases And Profiting From Them By Selling Merchandise,” serves as a direct plea for respect and fair treatment of his intellectual property. Despite withholding specifics about the slogans to be patented, Zendiambo hinted at surprises awaiting those who underestimate the significance of his creative contributions.

Recent allegations by Zendiambo against Gwethe TV and other established figures underscore the pervasive issue of exploitation within the artistic community. As Zendiambo takes a stand to protect his rights and demand acknowledgment for his work, his actions serve as a reminder of the importance of ethical conduct and fair treatment in the realm of creative expression.

Zendiambo has coined several street phrases :

1. Gotha tena / Gotha mgothe

2. Kufinish Kumalo

3. Kudonjo Kudunda

4. Miondoko

5. Kisparki

6. Kushera / sherah

7. Sipangwingwi

8. Kugotha 

9. One Leggeh / Both Leggeh

10. Dance / Style Deadly Deadly