Afternoon drama in Marikiti Market Murang’a Town after two commercial sex workers broke into fight for a client.

According to onlookers, one of the ladies is said to have spotted a customer but the other lady acted fast and started the bargain with the sexually starved man.

The other lady got angry and roughly pushed her competitor aside making her wig fall off. They got into blows, screaming and cursing each other.

“Hutaniharibia soko wewe kaha***… Ni mimi nimemuona wa kwanza na wewe na kiherehere chako ukaingilia…. Unafikiria watoto wangu watakula nini na kutoka jana sijauza?” ….one of the ladies was heard screaming.

Upon spotting the possible embarrassment, the customer quickly boarded a motorbike and zoomed off to Mukuyu direction.

It took the intervention of coworker and other vendors to stop the fight.

” Sasa ona umenichafua.. Leo ata sioni kama nitauza juu ya ujinga yako,” the first lady was heard telling the other.

“Ungeacha tu nimuuzie juu alikuwa amesema anataka ya 200 na ningekupatia 50…sasa ameenda… Itabidi tungoje saa moja tuuzie Hawa wa 50 na 100,” the second lady complained.

Commercial sex working is on the rise in Murang’a County with many of the ladies involved sighting hardships and difficulties during this economic hard times.