Hamisa Mobetto forced to reveal Dylan’s real dad after Diamond rejected the boy again

Hamisa Mobetto has been facing mounting pressure to unveil the biological father of her son, Dylan. This pressure intensified following recent interactions between Diamond Platnumz and his children from previous relationships with Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna.

Just a fortnight ago, Diamond shared photos of himself spending time with the children of Zari and Tanasha, marking what seemed to be their first meeting. It didn’t go unnoticed that Dylan was conspicuously absent from these pictures, sparking a flurry of speculations about his true parentage and whether Diamond was his biological father.

This speculation has been lingering for some time since Diamond has never publicly acknowledged Dylan as his son. Conversely, Hamisa has been reticent about disclosing the identity of Dylan’s father while denying vehemently that Diamond isn’t the father.

As of late, the pressure on Mobetto to disclose the truth has mounted. Some argue that by keeping Dylan’s father’s identity a secret, she is being unjust to him. On the other hand, there are those who support Mobetto’s right to keep her son’s personal information private, contending that she is under no obligation to divulge it to the public.

On October 28, Hamisa made a public appearance, and reporters inquired about the ongoing situation. Her friend, Mange Kimambi, had previously mentioned that Hamisa was open to taking a second DNA test for Dylan to clear her name and substantiate Diamond as the father.

Regarding this matter, Hamisa responded, “It depends on which aspect she talked about. However, she is one of the individuals who stand by me, and all I can say is that I appreciate her support. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, so that’s all.”