20 Families Vacate As 3-Storey Building Develops Cracks In Kutus town, Kirinyaga

Twenty families residing near a three-story building faced a sudden evacuation on Tuesday night due to structural issues in the building, which was still under construction, in Kutus town, Kirinyaga County.

Upon receiving urgent reports from concerned members of the public, Kirinyaga County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Samuel Kanjobe, responsible for lands, took immediate charge of the situation.

County engineers swiftly assessed the building and issued warnings to residents, advising them to evacuate promptly to prevent a potential disaster in their surrounding homes.

The structural integrity of the building was compromised as its columns developed cracks, causing it to lean dangerously towards an adjacent house. Residents of the neighboring house were also instructed to evacuate for their safety.

Kanjobe emphasized the County Government’s proactive measures to prevent a catastrophe, especially considering that the adjacent building accommodated more than 20 individuals.

Moreover, residents in nearby buildings were also impacted, with the CECM stating that they too must vacate and remain away from the area until authorities deemed it safe to return.

In addition, he underscored that any dwellings deemed unsafe for habitation would either be closed off or demolished following expert evaluations.

Occupants recounted feeling apprehensive as stones from the under-construction building fell into their homes, further exacerbating their concerns.