Alikataa kuniguza – Pritty Vishy on why she cheated on Stivo Simple Boy

In a revelation, Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, has shared why she cheated on him with three men. Pritty explained that the main reason for her infidelity was due to Stivo’s reluctance to engage in physical intimacy with her. She stated that despite both of them waiting until marriage, her physical needs ultimately overpowered her.

Additionally, Pritty revealed that Stivo’s insecurity was a contributing factor to their breakup. She explained that they had been dating before he became famous, but he allowed himself to be influenced by rumors and gossip. According to Pritty, Stivo’s friends would often falsely accuse her of cheating, leading to constant questioning and mistrust from Stivo.

Since the breakup, Stivo has moved on and recently proposed to a new girlfriend, Jenny, at a private event with friends.

According to Pritty Vishy friends lied to Stivo that she was cheating on him.

Any time his friends saw me walking with my male friends, they would tell Stivo that I was cheating,” she narrated,”Stivo would in return keep on pestering me on whether I was cheating.”