Kimani Mbugua’s dad reveals how drugs robbed his son’s brains despite scoring Grade A in all KCSE subjects

Throughout history, parents have nurtured grand aspirations for their offspring, envisioning a future brimming with triumphs and prosperous careers once they excel and ace national examinations. It’s an enduring belief that their children will eventually land lucrative positions befitting their qualifications. However, this familiar tale took a poignant turn in the life of Kimani Mbugua, a former journalist with Citizen TV. Despite his academic brilliance, he found himself ensnared in the grip of drug abuse.

In a poignant interview with Oga Obinna, Kimani’s father shared the sorrowful trajectory of his son’s life, juxtaposed against his academic accolades. Despite the current challenges, Kimani’s father fondly reminisced about his son’s brighter days, highlighting his academic and professional triumphs.

“Kimani turned 28 this year. He’s our firstborn… He began his education in a humble village nursery school before we enrolled him in prestigious private institutions, where his academic prowess shone. He secured a coveted place at Njiiri School, and later, we transferred him to a reputable church school in Nairobi, Karura,” he proudly recounted.

“My son not only aced his KCSE with flying colors but also attained exceptional grades, earning an A plain in all subjects except Agriculture, where he scored an A-,” his father added, noting Kimani’s subsequent enrollment at Moi University, where he ranked second in his journalism course.

“Kimani was, and still is, a brilliant young man. His only misstep was placing trust in the wrong individuals, even facing betrayal from his own girlfriend at one point,” Mbugua lamented during the interview.

Despite initial reservations, Kimani pursued journalism over law, a decision that bore fruit as he garnered acclaim from influential media figures such as Churchill and Larry Madowo. His career flourished, and he became a pillar of support for his siblings and mother until his mental well-being began to decline.

According to his father, Kimani’s life took a sudden downturn when his acquaintances introduced him to hard drugs during a social gathering in town. The descent into mental health struggles began in February 2020 when Kimani confessed to his father during a board meeting that he had been under the influence for days, a behavior previously unseen by his family.

“All was well until February 2020. We were in the boardroom of our consultancy company when he stood up and confessed, ‘Dad, I haven’t been sober for four days.’ As staunch SDAs, this revelation raised red flags. Later, in the basement, we found his car unlocked,” his father recounted.

This revelation marked the beginning of Kimani’s battle with mental health issues, exacerbated by his erratic behavior, which prompted his girlfriend to report the concerning developments to his family.

“Upon returning home around midnight, his girlfriend reached out to me, expressing her distress over Kimani’s nonsensical ramblings. Listening to his disjointed speech left me deeply concerned,” his father recalled.

Kimani’s condition rapidly deteriorated, culminating in hospitalization where he was restrained and disoriented, an ordeal his father likened to witnessing ‘daytime darkness.’

“The girlfriend rushed him to the hospital, and upon my arrival, I found him restrained and incoherent. Witnessing his state shattered me to the core. He even addressed me by my real name, a moment I can only describe as experiencing daytime darkness,” his father lamented.

Further investigations revealed that Kimani had been exposed to harmful substances at a birthday celebration, exacerbating his mental health woes.

“He attended a birthday bash where he collapsed, vomited, and was seemingly subjected to drug spiking. His sister discovered distressing images on his phone, depicting him in a compromised state. The toxicology report confirmed the presence of marijuana and other substances, leading us to believe he was indeed spiked with hard drugs,” his father disclosed.

In recent days, Kimani Mbugua has garnered negative attention, sharing videos and messages that seemingly target his relatives and former colleagues from his tenure at Citizen TV.