Meru James Bond To Be Charged With Attempted Suicide

A man who hitched a ride on a helicopter that was carrying Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Peter Munya last week was charged with attempted suicide today(Monday, June 26).

Johakim Mutwiri, 41, was summoned before a Maua court on Thursday but was not charged after his mom informed the court that he was mentally ill.

The court requested that she present clinical reports proving Mutwiri’s mental status.

The court also heard that the charged, while in Nairobi a few years back, hopped from the 1st floor of a building and experienced minor injuries.

Igembe South police boss Mr Hussein Ali said Mutwiri asserted he wanted to travel to Nairobi.

“We demanded to know why he had dangerously clung on the chopper and he said his intention was to hike a lift to Nairobi to look for a job,” Ali said.