Eve Mungai: “Mimi siezi kuwa Employed, That’s Not My Calling Mikono Yangu itachoka – “Mimi Nitakufa!”

Content creator Mungai Eve boldly asserts her preference for facing the potential of death over pursuing a traditional employment path. In a recent appearance on NTV’s Weekend Edition with Dr. Kingori, the 21-year-old emphasized her firm rejection of conventional employment, aligning it with a deviation from her intrinsic calling.

Mungai elaborated on her stance, emphasizing the importance she places on her self-worth and the plethora of goals she envisions achieving. She expressed concern that opting for traditional employment might hinder her from realizing these aspirations. Speaking to Dr. Kingori, she declared, “First and foremost, I acknowledge my own value. Secondly, I have numerous aspirations, some of which I fear I might not have the opportunity to accomplish. Employment is simply not my destiny!”

Ironically, the acclaimed YouTuber revealed that her current viewpoint contradicts the dreams she harbored during her childhood. “Growing up, my vision was to complete high school, attend university, secure a job at NTV, and become a news anchor,” she shared.

However, Mungai’s trajectory took an unexpected turn when the impact of COVID-19 compelled her to abandon college. In previous interviews, she candidly disclosed that financial constraints, stemming from her father’s inability to afford tuition fees, forced her to drop out.

Despite this setback, Mungai found success in the realm of content creation. Garnering a substantial following across her social media platforms, she boasts over 450,000 YouTube subscribers and 335,000 Instagram followers.

Known for showcasing her lavish lifestyle, Mungai has become an inspiration for many young people. In a recent interview, she attributed the inception of her YouTube channel to her boyfriend, expressing gratitude on her Instagram page, stating, “My greatest blessing ❤️❤️ thanks babe for always believing in me and being my number one fan. I am truly blessed to have you @director_trevor.”

Mungai also divulged details about her initial earnings from the video platform, totaling Sh100,000. However, she faced delays in accessing the funds due to security protocols. Highlighting the fluctuating nature of YouTube revenue, she noted, “The more views you get, the more the revenue increases. What I earn this month may not be the same amount next month.”