Meet Betty Kyalo’s 21-year-old boyfriend who surprised her with a 77-inch TV on Mother’s Day

Betty Kyallo, a prominent media figure, is reportedly in a relationship with a 21-year-old man known as Jay on Instagram. Despite her efforts to keep her alleged partner out of the public eye, sharp-eyed internet users have managed to uncover his identity.

In recent social media posts, Betty was seen wearing matching shoes with her boyfriend, although she obscured his face. However, this attempt at privacy was thwarted when online sleuths unveiled his identity.

While specific details about Betty’s partner are currently limited, she confirmed in an interview that she is no longer single. During a candid conversation with Ali Hassan Kauleni on Bahari Ya Elimu, Betty expressed her joy at being in a new relationship.

“My partner is from the western region. I feel content and happy now,” Kyallo shared.

Furthermore, Betty discussed the advantages of dating in one’s thirties, emphasizing the wealth of experience that women in this age bracket bring to relationships.

“Women in their thirties often make excellent partners because we have accumulated a great deal of life experience,” she remarked.

Betty openly admitted to assuming a submissive role when she is in love, stating, “When I love a man, I do everything for him. I cook, I kneel, I give massages—anything. But I have to genuinely love you to do all of these things.”