Danger to Kenyans who Buy Boiled Eggs After Worrying Reports on What was Discovered Inside Them
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Danger to Kenyans who Buy Boiled Eggs – Worrying Reports on What was Discovered Inside Them

It is without a doubt Kenyans love fast foods and snacks on the roads sides ranging from Mahindi choma, groundnuts, eggs among others. For egg lovers it not roses anymore they may need to think twice if a report about them is anything to go by.

The report has spelt danger to Kenyans who love street boiled eggs in the wake of a research and discovering that the eggs sold in most roads in Kenya particularly in Nairobi are not good for human consumption

An examination done on eggs that were picked from major streets in Nairobi and taken to the Kenyatta hospital for testing has revealed astonishing results – all the eggs tested are contaminated.

The eggs were found to contain diseases causing germs with the most unmistakable one being Escherichia Colli (E. Colli). The germs and explicitly this particular microorganisms caused diarrhoea, infection of small intestines and can likewise cause dehydration.

As though that isn’t enough, disclosures made by the sellers on state of obscurity indicate another surprising perception: the eggs are prepared in ludicrous conditions.

The informant indicated that they use contaminated water from Nairobi river to boil the eggs mass numbers in busy Nairobi slums. Worse is that they use Car tyres as fuel which makes the resulting food dangerous for consumption by any human being.

Nairobi metropolitan administrations (NMS) boss Ouma Oluga says they know about the issue and are establishing a counter measure to attempt to tame it. Hosea Kandagor a food expert stressed on the risks that lie ahead for shoppers who innocently consume eggs bound with the microbes E. Colli.

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