Murang'a: The Mount Kenya town with only ONE University no pizza shop or mall -

Murang’a: The Mount Kenya town with only ONE University no pizza shop or mall

Had it kept pace with its companions, the likes of Kisumu and Nakuru with which they generally served as major upcoming towns, Murang’a town would be among the country’s cities.

However, the murang’a county headquarters has lost its mojo, or so it seems.

Situated roughly 80 kilometers north of the Capital Nairobi, the town is wrestling with a sluggish pace of development compared to its former competitors.

Presently, between it and its peers sits stark differences – from architectural designs to living standards.

Numerous towns of its stature across the nation over have been tidied up by different structural designs but for muranga we arte still in the 90’s as it stands,with old blocks that don’t match the style of business today, dragging it away from her peers.

The town’s Central Business District (CBD) is implied by one-celebrated structures of Asian design’ NGEKA CENTER’ All others are outmoded storey buildings that were constructed in the same period –1970s

What makes it worse the town only has one Major university with no mall or a pizza shop Karibu MURANGA’A.

Despite it been the home to top kenya’s Billionaires the likes of Equity bank CEO and chairman James Mwangi and peter Munga respectively Muranga still remains a Town that is less likely to attract major investors or huge business.

“But currently, the tea and coffee sectors are dwindling and are not sustaining the town as major economic activities,”