“Ladies Misbehaved, Cindy Alikuwa Mlevi Sana” Tiktokers Exposed for Smoking Weed and Urinating On Chira’s Grave.

Brian Chira’s event was marred by a significant amount of drama, though this wasn’t accurately portrayed in the media, which only showcased the positive aspects, creating an illusion of everything being fine and everyone behaving appropriately.

Githaiga Samuel, who attended the funeral, revealed that there was substantial misbehavior among TikTokers, particularly among the female participants. While men attempted to conduct themselves maturely, some of the female TikTokers exhibited concerning behavior.

One notable incident involved Cindy, who arrived at the event in a state of intoxication, crying uncontrollably and seemingly oblivious to the solemn occasion. Instead of respecting the mourning atmosphere, she appeared fixated on trivial matters, such as missing food.

According to Githaiga, some TikTokers were even livestreaming themselves smoking marijuana and engaging in other inappropriate behavior, including urinating at the graveside. The event took on more of a nightclub atmosphere, with attendees seemingly more interested in flaunting themselves and getting intoxicated rather than mourning the deceased.

Furthermore, Githaiga highlighted the ostentatious displays of wealth by certain viral TikTokers, who arrived in expensive cars solely for the purpose of showing off. Despite their lavish arrivals, some of these individuals had the audacity to complain about missing food, demonstrating a lack of respect and humility.

In conclusion, Githaiga urged TikTokers to reflect on their behavior and show more respect for solemn occasions like funerals. He commended the efforts of individuals like Baba Talisha but emphasized the need for TikTokers to “style up” and cease embarrassing themselves through their actions.