You are Cursed!, Pastor Nganga tells Kenyan Tik Tokers after they urinated and smoked weed on Brian Chira’s gravesite

After the tragic passing of Brian Chira, a prominent figure on TikTok, Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism, has issued a serious cautionary message to Kenya’s TikTok community.

Ng’ang’a has voiced deep apprehension regarding the excessive noise and absence of proper guidance prevalent on the social media platform.

In a widely circulated online video, the controversial clergyman strongly advised TikTok users, admonishing them for their incessant chatter and likening their behavior to that of “mad individuals.”

“This TikTok has brought ruin. You chatter incessantly. Acting like mad individuals. You belong to the generation under a curse. Witness how you’re perishing, how you’re drowning,” Ng’ang’a expressed.

He further conveyed that the loss of young lives should not be taken lightly.

“And now, you will all witness the funeral of one of your own. Do you believe God took him? God doesn’t claim young lives. Where do you reckon God would take such a young soul? To join Moses, Aaron, or Elijah in heaven? It’s the devil wreaking havoc upon you,” Ng’ang’a continued.

Ng’ang’a’s sentiments were echoed by TikTok luminary Nyako, who shed light on the potential hazards inherent within the platform. Nyako, renowned for her viral content, cautioned users about the perils of falling victim to deceptive enticements masked as financial rewards.

These admonitions from Ng’ang’a and Nyako come in the aftermath of Brian Chira’s recent burial, which has ignited extensive discourse and disapproval. Chira, a beloved figure on TikTok, was laid to rest in Githunguri, Kiambu County, amidst scenes of high drama.

Chira’s family conveyed their dismay over the conduct of TikTokers during the burial, deeming it disruptive and disrespectful. Despite reservations about Chira’s lifestyle while alive, the family had hoped for a serene farewell, which was overshadowed by the disorderly behavior of the content creators.

The disruptive conduct exhibited by TikTokers at Chira’s burial has prompted scrutiny regarding the influence of social media on the younger demographic and underscores the imperative for responsible usage of online platforms.