Pain as Baby boy left behind by Violet Olinga Busia girl who died during delivery at KNH dies

Violet’s father, Michael Obwaku, tragically recounted her passing in August 2023 due to complications from childbirth. For seven agonizing months, Violet’s body lay in a morgue, unidentified and unclaimed, her family unaware of her fate, desperately searching for her as a missing person. Their anguish intensified upon discovering her presence in the morgue through a social media post, compounded by their inability to cover the mortuary expenses amounting to KSh 170,000 and ward arrears of KSh 80,000.

In a remarkable display of solidarity, a concerted online fundraising effort led by philanthropist Eric Omondi facilitated Violet’s release. Through the Sisi kwa Sisi initiative, Kenyans rallied together, contributing over KSh 250,000 to settle the bills. With the financial hurdle overcome, Violet’s remains were transported to Teso South Sub-county, Busia County, where she was laid to rest in Kengatuny village on Saturday, March 16, bringing closure to her family’s agonizing search.

Tragically, Violet’s legacy was further marked by her infant son, Favor Imosi, whom she left behind. Despite the beacon of hope his presence represented, Favor’s life was cut short less than two months after his mother’s burial. Violet’s father revealed to the devastating news of Favor’s passing, attributing it to undiagnosed malaria and inadequate medical intervention due to the doctors’ strike. The heartbroken family’s attempt to seek help for Favor was thwarted by the unavailability of medical care, culminating in his untimely demise.

The untold tragedy of Violet’s family paints a somber picture of loss and sorrow. Her journey from her village home to Nairobi in pursuit of employment ended in a heart-wrenching saga of uncertainty and despair. Despite the harrowing ordeal, the community’s solidarity in easing their burden provides a glimmer of solace amid the darkness of their grief.