“They prayed for you during your ICC days”- Ndindi Nyoro Calls Out Uhuru After His Attack On Religious Leaders.

Kiharu Member of Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro has called out president Kenyatta after his attack on religious leaders during his Sagana meeting yesterday Wednesday, 23rd 2022.


Mr President, we may be worthlessness before you. We all understand – you are a product of privilege while we are just some fellows trying to make it. You have harassed us after electing you. Called us rubbish and takataka countless times. You have intimidated us using DCI, EACC, KRA etc. Mr President, after electing you, you ordered your government to burn stock of Business people from Mt Kenya region. You have blacklisted all of us on CRB through Fuliza.

You have collapsed our economy, borrowed unsustainable amounts of Public debt most of which have been stolen by those close to you. You have literally made sure no Business man from Mt Kenya will enjoy their sweat without undue harassment.

All Millionaires made by President Kibaki have all been impoverished deliberately by your regime.But Mr President and respectfully so, you didn’t have to attack and name call our religious leaders. Why viciously and unfairly attack people who have literally donated their lives for the majority of us? Why humiliate those who do so much to shape our society?

Mr President, my grandfather was an ACK Canon and I know the sacrifices he used to make. I know what our religious leaders go through majority of whom are in voluntary service. Just remember how committed they were Praying for you in your ICC days.

Mr President, this was very wrong. Treat the honorable men and women with the dignity they deserve.Mr President, do anything to us politicians but please kwa heshima wachana na viongozi wetu wa Kanisa. Tafadhali.