Jiandaeni! Yesu wa Tongaren predicts the day the world will end

Controversial Kenyan figure Eliud Wekesa, commonly referred to as Jesus of Tongaren, has made a bold prediction regarding a significant global event anticipated within the next thirty years.

During an interview with a local radio station, Mr. Wekesa, who claims to embody Jesus Christ, proclaimed that a divine intervention is imminent, signaling the conclusion of the current generation by the year 2058.

According to Wekesa, this event will be heralded by the appearance of a mystical horse, an occurrence that will coincide with the disappearance of individuals who witness it. Citing biblical references such as Isaiah 24, he elaborated on the impending transformation of the world’s state, emphasizing that while the world itself will endure, the current generation will face its culmination. He foretold that every eye will behold the horse adorned with a bridle, marking the commencement of this transition in 2058. However, he clarified that it wouldn’t signify the end of the world, but rather the end of a particular era.

The prophet controversially likened the forthcoming divine intervention to the historical events of Sodom and Gomorrah, asserting that divine judgment would befall humanity. Nonetheless, he expressed confidence in his own exemption from this fate, citing his belief in attaining eternal life. “I am of eternal life. I was with Him from the beginning,” he affirmed.

In addition to his prophetic pronouncements, Wekesa urged Kenyans to heighten their vigilance and beseeched divine assistance in enabling them to perceive unfolding events.

In a prior interview with Massawe Japanni, Wekesa disclosed various aspects of his personal background. He acknowledged not pursuing formal education beyond a certain level, dismissing inquiries about his educational attainment by referencing the absence of Jesus’ educational background in the Bible. Despite his limited formal education, he claimed to have traversed the spiritual realm to visit all nations globally.

Establishing the ‘Church of Jesus’ in 2009, Wekesa has dedicated over a decade to propagating his gospel, boasting a congregation comprising twelve prophets among other members.