Who be-witched PROPHET OWUOR’s followers? – Why kneel before your fellow man? (PHOTOs)
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Kenyans angered by Prophet DAVID OWUOR’s latest prophecy – Punda amechoka!

Repentance and Holiness Ministry owner, Prophet David Owuor, has rankled a millions of Kenyans with his most recent prophecy that shows he is among a the growing number of fake pastors in Kenya.

Owuor, who has been stowing away in his Runda Mansion since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, has come out from his hiding and is revealing what God has told him.

In his message which was broadcasted on one of the local TV stations, Owuor, who claims to be a sheep however is a fraud fake if you may, declared that God has revealed to him it’s going to rain in Kenya.

“I’m declaring that now. That the heavens will open up and that it will come to rescue the crops that are drying up,”

“There will be massive rain. Then we will have a good harvest.”Owuor said.

However ,Kenyans cant take it no more they were quick to address him claiming they were entering a rainy season which is ordinarily trailed by a bumper harvest.

“But it started raining since Tuesday…. Don’t claim to be the one who commanded it,” Danny Onduko wrote

“This false prophet has heard weather forecasts men prediction’s now he is fooling his gullible followers,” Onyango Sultan

“Tell him we’re still breathing, since alisema dunia inaisha, yeye sio mungu, mnanabii wa uongo,” Njeri Rugano wrote.