Kieleweke admits Ruto is popular on ground. -
See the man that RUTO may have settled on as his 2022 running mate, Will tear UDA into pieces

Kieleweke admits Ruto is popular on ground.

In a Facebook post by Gatundu North Mp Wanjiku Kibe, the mp noted that Ruto is more popular on the ground when compared to Raila. The MP proceeded to proclaim that regardless of whether the ground is Ruto, the presidency belongs to Raila.

With this sort of statement from a politician makes one wonder whether the elections will be free and fair. Wanjiku Kibe who is a friend of former ODM party leader appears to have stand firm that her constituents will uphold the former primer candidature.

Raila has been touring the nation selling his azimio la umoja campaign a tool he has denied as early campaigns. the first time member of parliament has declared that she will continue to support the former premier’s unity call.

The ODM party leader has expressed that he will declare his bid for the presidency on 9th December 2021. This revelation will be followed by the azimio la umoja public convention.

As most politicians are fond of saying ” tunasikiza ground” it seems like that is the move the former premier is taking with his rallying call.
With more and more politicians ditching the BBI and kieleweke for UDA party, Wanjiku remains among the few Political leaders in the large central region who have not ditched the kieleweke camp.

It is a pensive game assuming that Raila will secure the presidency in the coming general election. As we close to the elections every day, Kenyans are asked to embrace peace and love amongst themselves .