Former Nduthi Rider Tizian Savage ;I make Between ksh 80k -ksh 400k on TikTok Live

Tizian Savage’s meteoric rise from a boda boda rider to a TikTok sensation and successful car owner is a story of determination and resilience, unfolding within a remarkably short span of time.

Originating from Nakuru, Tizian initially worked as a boda boda rider, where his affable nature and striking appearance caught the attention of many of his female passengers. Encouraged by their compliments, he ventured into the realm of social media, christening himself as the “Cute Nduthi Guy”. His online persona quickly garnered a following, with admirers enthusiastically sharing his photos and fueling his burgeoning fame, further amplified by the attention of influential bloggers.

The Turning Point

His burgeoning online presence caught the eye of Chira, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey that would propel both individuals to greater heights. Together, they produced engaging content that resonated deeply with audiences, sparking rumors of a romantic involvement which Tizian vehemently denied, asserting that their relationship was purely platonic. However, Chira’s penchant for controversial commentary occasionally cast a shadow over their partnership, with his negative remarks often gaining traction, much to Tizian’s chagrin.

The Rift

Despite their initial camaraderie, cracks began to appear in their friendship, exacerbated by Chira’s tendency towards negativity and rumor-mongering. Tizian’s decision to part ways with his controversial friend stemmed from a desire to distance himself from toxic behavior and focus on his personal growth. In subsequent interviews, Tizian candidly addressed their differences, highlighting his commitment to authenticity and integrity, qualities he believed were essential for sustained success.

Financial Triumphs and Personal Milestones

Tizian’s ascent on TikTok not only brought him fame but also considerable financial rewards. His candid revelations about his earnings underscored the lucrative nature of his online endeavors, with substantial sums amassed through live streams and promotional activities. Despite his newfound wealth, Tizian remained grounded, retaining his modest motorcycle while quietly purchasing a car—a symbol of his hard-earned success.

Celebrating this milestone with a pilgrimage to Nakuru alongside his family, Tizian demonstrated humility and gratitude, acknowledging the support that had propelled him to this juncture in his journey. His commitment to authenticity and generosity towards his fans further endeared him to his audience, cementing his status as not just a TikTok star, but a relatable and inspiring figure.

Today, as he continues to engage with his followers through regular live streams and acts of philanthropy, Tizian Savage serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and authenticity in the digital age.