“Maisha Ni ngumu” Khaligraph Jones Asks Fans For Financial Support

Kenya’s popular rapper Khaligraph Jones recently made a claim on Instagram that he is struggling and life is tough. In a photo shared on the platform, the rapper can be seen sitting on top of construction stones, also known as Kokoto, which he claims is where he slept. He further asked his fans to send him money for support.

In response to his plea, a fan suggested buying some of the stones from him, to which Khaligraph responded by calling him uncivilized. Another fan criticized the rapper for eating pebbles while Burna Boy performs in big stadiums in the US. Khaligraph acknowledged that life is indeed tough.

However, some fans questioned the authenticity of his post, as they wondered how he could afford designer shoes and sleep on construction stones. The rapper is currently building a three-story mansion in Ngong, which is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

In conclusion, Khaligraph Jones’ claim of suffering and sleeping on construction stones might just be a joke, as he is currently constructing his dream mansion. Nonetheless, his post has generated a lot of reactions from his fans, and his popularity remains high in the music industry.