Waithaka Wa Jane: A Form Three Drop Out Making Millions From mugithi

Waithaka wa Jane is one of the fast rising Kikuyu-based music stars. His style of music has earned him a lot of popularity with his fame fame threatening to topple legendary singers like Samidoh.

Who is Waithaka wa Jane?

Waithaka wa jane traces his origin in Mathioya, Murang’a County, where he was born and raised. His real name is John Waithaka Mwangi.

The music star who is in his mid 20s was born in a family of 8 – 6 boys and 2 girls.

In 2016, Waithaka dropped out of secondary school while in form 3. He traveled to Nairobi and stayed with his older brother Rwathi wa Jane.

Music Journey

Waithaka Wa Jane began his music journey as a drum player. He later learned how to play guitar. Even though he majorly learned how to pluck chords through practice, Wa Jane in an earlier interview noted that Pato wa Gathoni introduced him to it.

Even though his other six brothers are all artists, Waithaka is the most popular, with his songs playing major hotels and clubs.

The Singer has adopted old school style of singing popularly known by Kikuyu as Ngogoyo.

In an earlier interview, Wa Jane revealed that he draws inspiration from the legendary singer Salim Junior.

His great voice that blend well with guitar tunes made a large section of Mugithi lovers brand him

as the best Mugithi performer.

Waithaka Wa Jane Networth

Very little is known of Wa Jane’s networth but he is define a man of his means. He makes his living from live performances and Youtube earnings.

Waithaka has considerably large following on social media. His Youtube channel has 82.4K subscribers, with videos garnering over 9,877,706 views.

Some of his major songs include;

  • Wangeci Mwana Ni Ekumosaa
  • Niki giki waheire
  • Wandigiire Mwana Ukihika
  • mwendwa ng’endo

Wa Jane still Respectful

Despite his fast growing fame Wa Jane is still respectful of his predecessors.

In an earlier interview, Waithaka Wa Jane maintained that he is not in competition with anybody. The singer attributed his fast rising fame to his commitment and God’s grace.

It is God…I do not consider myself better than anyone else. I am not in competition but I hit the chords and the mic determined to be better by every dawn. The hard work is paying off since I am booked three months in advance.” Waithaka said.

The Mugithi star further revealed that despite his stardom, he has high respect for Samidoh. According to him, Samidoh is already enjoying audience from international platforms.

It is true I may I might be gaining huge popularity here in Mt Kenya region but Samidoh performs even abroa. I’m happy that people are now treating me as the new king here at home…but I am playing catch-up to Samidoh,” Waithaka wa Jane noted.